After much anticipation, the winners of the 17th annual AGC Construction Safety Excellence Awards (CSEA) were unveiled at the Associated General Contractor’s 97th Annual Convention in San Antonio, TX on March 9-11. Ninety-eight construction firms advanced to the final selection round and were competing for the prestigious award.


BT Mancini Co., Inc, one of the U.S.’s largest specialty construction contractors, won their category and attributes part of their success to working with MotivationEngine, a Kelowna based company that provides an innovative communications platform that’s being used to reduce injuries in the workplace.

As a valuable enhancement to their existing Safety Program, B.T. Mancini Co. is leveraging the MotivationEngine platform to measure safety engagement and to improve the effectiveness of two­-way communication about the safety needs on every job.


“We don’t measure a foreman’s safety performance by counting accidents; we count positive actions and achievements, and MotivationEngine is the measuring stick we use,” Harvey Peelle, Safety Director for B.T. Mancini Co.


“We don’t measure a foreman’s safety performance by counting accidents; we count positive actions and achievements, and MotivationEngine is the measuring stick we use,” says Harvey Peelle, Safety Director for B.T. Mancini Co.“The Safety Director’s role is much like that of a marketing person, trying to keep safety up front and top of mind. Since starting with MotivationEngine, the responsiveness to our needs and suggestions has been outstanding. It makes things so proactive and I really believe it is making a difference.”


In his presentation to the judges for the safety award, Peelle showed his MotivationEngine dashboard to illustrate how he communicates daily with his foremen. “As soon as the judges saw the tool we’re using to communicate, I could tell it struck a chord with them,” Peelle says.


MotivationEngine is a communication platform that provides a consistent and automated way for companies to engage and motivate employees in adopting consistent job habits, increase buy-in to processes, and simplify communication. The platform, which operates across smartphones, tablets and desktops, provides a new approach to automating communication, reporting, analysis and behavior influence.


The software also provides simplified electronic reporting tools to allow the workforce to record daily and weekly reflections on safety routines or hazards at their job sites. This gives companies like B.T. Mancini Co. the ability to measure the safety climate across the enterprise at any given time, and encourages the foremen and superintendents to become mentally engaged on safety at the start of each workday.


Ryan Gallagher, Founder and CEO of MotivationEngine, wishes to congratulate B.T. Mancini Co. for their first place finish in the Specialty Construction category.

“It is incredibly validating that B.T. Mancini Co. is being recognized for the innovative work they are doing with MotivationEngine,” Gallagher says. “Different from other safety programs, The MotivationEngine platform is used to influence employees’ engagement to build good intrinsic attitudes toward safety. Everyday there are people killed or injured on the job from preventable accidents resulting from complacency or small lapses in awareness. We are working to change this!”


Gallagher designed the platform to make it easier to ‘do the right thing’ by providing simple automation tools for the consistent communication necessary to build habitual behavior and adopt important business processes and routines. When it comes to workplace safety, better habits and more buy-in to the safety culture will help save lives and prevent the life-altering injuries that can occur on the job.


About MotivationEngine

Founded in 2013, MotivationEngine uses the latest research in human behavior, advertising, and teaching & learning to provide an automated communications platform that has been scientifically validated to help people adopt routines and build better habits. The technology’s new approach has many business applications, and is currently being used to enhance Safety, Wellness, and Training programs across a wide range of industries.


About B.T. Mancini Co., Inc.

B.T. Mancini Co., Inc. was founded in 1964 by Brooks T, Mancini Sr.  The company operates in the construction sector and over the last 50 years has developed a successful, highly regarded and growing business in the fields of Commercial Floor Covering, Architectural Products and Structural Products.  Covering California and Nevada, the company is now one of the largest independent Specialty Construction contractors in the United States.


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