Safety has certainly evolved over the last 50 years with Safety first being defined in 1964 to mean "freedom from injury to the body or freedom from damage to health" to today where an employer can be held criminally responsible and jailed for a workplace accident or fatality.  Great efforts have been made to improve through training and the use of PPE, along with compliance to procedures and processes enforced through observational behavior reporting and penalties.  These initiatives can be categorized as pre-conventional or conventional safety programs and have had a positive impact on reducing injury rates since their inception.  But how do you take it the last mile into the hearts and minds of your employees?  How do you get real intrinsic buy-in to the safety message?  All too often we hear people joke or complain about the safety meeting, but why is this?  Do they have bad attitudes or is it something else?

Here at MotivationEngine, we  believe that getting the safety message out should be simple -  simple for the employee to digest, simple for the safety manager to distribute and simple to understand and manage the data that is coming back.  


This is what the word SAFE means to us.

S = SimpleA = AttitudeF = FlexibleE = Efficient




Being safe isn’t hard when you remember what to do.  The problem is many workers become complacent and that is when accidents happen.  Keeping safety top of mind should be a simple and positive experience.  Building a bottom up safety culture where employees are safe because they want to be safe not because someone told them to is the ultimate goal.  Safety should be practiced at work and at home and it all comes down to attitude.  Influencing workers’ attitudes toward safety will take you well on the way to building a good safety culture.  



Building intrinsic values in employees is not easy and is not easily accomplished with conventional safety programs such as compliance or observation initiatives.  While these safety practices are valuable and required, they don’t really help build emotional intelligence.  According to a study Titled Predicting Safety Related Attitudes in the Workplace: The Influence of Moral Maturity and Emotional Intelligence published by the Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management, what is required is a different approach. 


The Solution

MotivationEngine is a communication platform that improves Health & Safety attitudes and behavior, thereby reducing the frequency and cost of workplace injuries. Using the latest research in human behavior, advertising, and teaching/learning, MotivationEngine’s innovative approach is scientifically proven to improve worker engagement and to increase the adoption of healthy, safe habits.


How is MotivationEngine Different?


Different from other safety programs, MotivationEngine counts positive behavior and asks the employee to look inward to assess their own safety attitudes and behavior thereby creating a greater emotional intelligence.  MotivationEngine makes the safety manager’s job easier by giving them real time access to each foremen every day.  Keeping safety top of mind is much like being in marketing or advertising and communicating the frequent reminders needed can sometimes slip to the bottom of the priorities list causing inconsistency in the safety message and lapses in awareness.  


In this blog post I am going to show you the five easy steps to start building intrinsic values toward safety in your organization. This method is proven to work and the levels of safety engagement that have been achieved have earned MotivationEngine great recognition in the construction industry with our flagship customer B.T. Mancini Co. Inc. winning the prestigious National Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA) in 2016. 



1 ) Sign up your Foremen and Superintendents for MotivationEngine

2 ) Schedule automated H&S messages/reminders to be sent via Text or Email

3 ) Create a Habit Plan (daily or weekly)

4 ) Monitor the Manager’s Dashboard for engagement and encourage two-way


5 ) Reward/recognize them for their engagement



The important thing here is that it is simple; simple for you to get started and simple for your employees to use.  It will only take 30 seconds a day and the leading indicators that you receive back will allow you to be proactive on health & safety issues before they become injury and illness issues.  



Short messages sent consistently through multiple channels will give you the best results for keeping safety top of mind.  Instead of manually sending these messages or questions, you can schedule and automate the communication to ensure that your safety message is consistent and relevant.  The automated system will send the messages for you by email or text message and reward employees for engaging with the content through our unique gamification features.  



Changing attitudes is hard, but we know from research and science that there are ways to make it happen.  One of the important strategies is to reward positive behavior.  Through our customizable gamification features, MotivationEngine will be your measuring stick for counting positive behavior in an objective way.  Employees gain points for reading messages, giving feedback and engaging in content  which enables the safety manager to understand who is engaged and who is not.  



Another key ingredient to building a good safety culture is employee self awareness and this is done through reflection. We call this a Habit Plan in MotivationEngine and you can choose from our proven  Habit Plan templates or you can create your own.  A Habit Plan is not a compliance checklist but rather a select few questions that ask the foremen to look inward at their own behavior as it relates to safety.  Some customers have a daily Habit Plan while others have a weekly ones. Some are really simple while others are more comprehensive.




Every company is different and that is why the flexibility of MotivationEngine is so important.  Each work crew faces different risks and the communication should be tailored to them in a meaningful way.  We offer a full library of concise safety communication messages that you can choose from by risk and hazard type or you can supply your own.



From the Safety Manager’s Dashboard, you can understand the climate of your safety culture at a glance.  The Dashboard automatically filters all the data that is coming in and alerts you to any issues that might need your attention.  From the Manager’s Dashboard you can easily send ad hoc messages to a single person, a team or all teams and you will know exactly who has read the message and who has not. Supportive two way communication helps the safety manager mentor/coach employees which is a powerful and effective strategy to change attitudes and build new habits. 



The time to set up MotivationEngine is minimal, especially when compared to the value of data that will now be coming in to the safety manager in real time.  Being in touch with every foreman every day enables you to be proactive and address any issues when they arise.  Feedback is stored electronically and is presented in a way that is easy to digest and understand.  If you ever need to go back to an archived check-in or a message, it is right at your fingertips. This cloud based software is easy to deploy and will work on any device - smartphone, tablet or computer.


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