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After 4 years of work, we are shutting down

To all of you who contributed and supported our vision. We thank you!

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Automate daily routines

As a manager, you can automate daily routine communications with your teams and see the results in real-time. Set and customize daily check-ins to make sure your workers are on point. Get status updates and feedback from everyone, all in one place.

Engage with all of your teams

Motivation Engine is your hub to keep a pulse on all of your teams. Design unique routines for each of your teams to keep everyone focused on your organization's big goals. Increase efficiency and generate long-lasting positive effects through consistent behaviors. Motivation Engine makes it easy to collaborate with everyone no matter where they are or what devices they use.

Motivation Engine was recognized at the 2016 US AGC safety awards for it’s proven success in improving safety habits!

Stay synced with video check-ins

Maintain a personal connection with your teams through video reports and interactions on schedule. Sometimes simple text is not enough. Use this feature to get quick visual updates on important projects. You can also rally your team for key sprints with manager to employee video pep talks. More engagement, fewer meetings.

Improve compliance and accountability

With Motivation Engine's leaderboards and reports, you can quickly see which teams or individual team members are engaging consistently and get those who are slipping, back on track. Motivation Engine provides insightful snapshots into key habits and behaviors. From those who need a bit of additional support, to those who have it nailed. Use this data to incentivize and reward positive behavior.

“We don’t measure our team's performance by counting mistakes; we count positive actions and achievements, and Motivation Engine is the measuring stick we use.”
- Harvey Peelle,  Director for B.T. Mancini Co.
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